An independently-owned community bookstore since 2002. 

We carry a 30,000 title selection of both gently-used and new books.

Gifts, games and greeting cards too!
311 Main St, Stoneham MA (Route 28 near Montvale Ave.)
​Phone: 781 . 438 . 0077
Store hours:
Monday - Saturday  10 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday - 11:00 am to 4:00 pm (new extended hours!)

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​July 19th, 7p.m. - Stoneham Author Ben Jacques, In Graves Unmarked; Slavery and Abolition in Stoneham Massachusetts. Ben offers and informative, eye-opening trip into the buried history of slavery in Stoneham. Please visit our Facebook event and let us know you'll be attending.  At Kushala Sip Coffee House

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The Book Oasis
Quench your thirst for great books!

​​The Book Oasis is a drop-off location for Mission of Deeds. We can accept clean kitchenware, working small appliances and clean linens during our regular business hours. Learn more ->>

The Book Oasis is always in need of your clean, used plastic grocery bags and paper bags with handles - help us stay green!

We apologize for looking closed in the mornings, we need to keep the curtains closed to keep the sun from damaging the books.

​Check out these upcoming author events with The Book Oasis and Tewksbury Library. Events start at 7pm and our books are always discounted.

​Author ​Bruce Coffin will be at Tewksbury Library with The Book Oasis July 17th at 7pm to discuss his John Byron mystery series.

Did you know you can bring your

Box Tops for Education to The Book Oasis? We will make sure they get distributed to local schools. Just put them in the canister by the register.

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Have your next school Book Fair with the Book Oasis. Fantastic Book Fairs is a junk-free alternative and local!

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