The Book Oasis
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Our Trade Policy for Used Books

Can I Get Cash Instead of Store Credit?
We cannot pay cash for books at this time.

When Can I Bring My Books? Do I Need an Appointment?
We're happy to look at up to three grocery bags/boxes of books per customer at any time during our regular store hours: Mon-Sat, 10 am-7:00 pm. More than a bag/box may not be attended to during your visit. You will be asked to fill out our trade-in form so we can contact you with your store credit amount.

Can I Bring Books That I Didn't Buy From You?
Yes. We will look at books from anywhere as long as they are in very good condition.

How Much Credit Do You Give?
Adult hardcover: $1 - 2
Adult trade paper: $1
Adult mass-market: $.50 to $1
Kid's & YA hardcovers with dust jackets: $.50 to $1
Other kids & YA books: $.25 to $1
We do not accept books or movies on cassette.

What Can I Spend My Credit On?
Store credit is good for any used books currently in stock, excluding sales tax.

Why Can't You Take All My Books?
Some reasons we may not be able to use your books include the following:
* We are overstocked on that particular title
* The title/author is not one that sells for us
* The book is not in good enough condition (books must not be smoky, mildewed, torn, missing pages, heavily creased, pet damaged etc.)
If we are simply overstocked on a title, you are welcome to take the book back and try it again in a month. Or, for our customers' convenience, we will be happy to donate the books for you. Donation recipients may be Books for South Africa, Stoneham Public Library (or other local libraries), church thrift shops etc.

Why Don't You Take Back All the Books I Bought From You?
If we bought back every book that we sold, all we would have in our store would be books that our customers have already read. In order to keep our inventory fresh and have room for new releases, we cannot guarantee we'll take back a book that you bought from us.

What Should I Do With the Books You Don't Take?
Consider donating books in very good condition to your local library or thrift shop. We get so many books we cannot do your donating for you :-)

Is There Any Type of Book That You Don't Take?
We do not take the following:
* Paperbacks with clipped corners
* Books with loose or torn pages

* Books with water damage or stains
* Books that smell of smoke
* Books with mildew or basement odors
* Books that are brought in boxes containing dirt, bugs or dead things (icky!)
* Reader's Digest Condensed Books, magazines or encyclopedias
* Dictionaries more than 5 years old

* Encyclopedias, almanacs, travel books more than 1-2 yr old etc.

* Videos or audiobooks on cassette

We rarely take the following:
* Series/category romances (i.e., thin Harlequins, Silhouettes, etc.)
* Men's series action/adventure (i.e., Mack Bolan)

* Hardcovers that are missing their dust jackets
* Ex-library books
* Books that have been laminated
* Book Club editions
* Audiobooks in cassette form

What Books Are You Looking For?
Our needs change on a daily basis depending on what's selling and what's recently been traded, but here are a few things we usually need:
* Books released within the past 6 months (we will look at any book in very good condition, these are just what we want MOST)
* Books on school reading lists, especially classics
* Children's Newbery and Caldecott Medal winners & honorees
* Curious George, Daisy Meadows' Fairy Books, Clementine, Ivy & Bean, Dork Diaries and Graphic Novels
* Books for reluctant readers and teen boys
* Beat Writers (Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs etc)
* Large Print books