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The Book Oasis
Quench your thirst for great books!

October 17th - Jon Land at Stoneham Library, 7 p.m. Author of the Ben Kamal detective series and several Murder She Wrote titles.

October 26th -Tom Nichols at Tewksbury Library, 2 p.m. The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters  - $16

"Technology and increasing levels of education expose people to more information than ever before. These gains, however, also fuel a surge in narcissistic and misguided intellectual egalitarianism that derails debates on numerous issues. With only a quick trip through WebMD or Wikipedia, average citizens believe themselves to be as informed as doctors and diplomats. All voices demand to be taken with equal seriousness, and any claim to the contrary is dismissed as elitism. The Death of Expertise shows how this rejection of experts developed: the openness of the internet, the emergence of a customer satisfaction model in higher education, and the transformation of the news industry into a 24-hour entertainment machine. Paradoxically, greater democratic dissemination of information, rather than producing an educated public, has instead created an army of ill-informed, angry citizens who denounce intellectual achievement. Now updated with a new forward that explains how all these related issues came to a head in the wake of Donald Trump's election."

​November 2nd - New England Waterfalls by Greg Parsons, 2 p.m.

​​A Guide to More Than 500 Cascades and Waterfalls

Past Events:

September 27th - Local reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan at Stoneham Library - register by calling the library at 781-438-1324. Seating will be limited to approx. 60 attendees. Please let us know if you will be purchasing a copy of The Murder List for signing (we don't want to run short!)

May 9th - Chris Castellani author of Leading Men at Stoneham Library, 7 p.m. 

"In July of 1953, at a glittering party thrown by Truman Capote in Portofino, Italy, Tennessee Williams and his longtime lover Frank Merlo meet Anja Blomgren, a mysteriously taciturn young Swedish beauty and aspiring actress. Their encounter will go on to alter all of their lives. Ten years later, Frank revisits the tempestuous events of that fateful summer from his deathbed in Manhattan, where he waits anxiously for Tennessee to visit him one final time. Anja, now legendary film icon Anja Bloom, lives as a recluse in the present-day U.S., until a young man connected to the events of 1953 lures her reluctantly back into the spotlight after he discovers she possesses the only surviving copy of Williams's final play ... [This book] seamlessly weaves fact and fiction to navigate the tensions between public figures and their private lives. In an ultimately heartbreaking story about the burdens of fame and the complex negotiations of life in the shadows of greatness, Castellani creates an unforgettable leading lady in Anja Bloom and reveals the hidden machinery of one of the great literary love stories of the twentieth-century"

​April 23rd - Jeff Howe at Tewksbury Library, 8pm. If These Walls Could Talk; The New England Patriots,  co-written with Scott Zolak. This will draw a big crowd so reservations are recommended. Call Tewksbury Library at to reserve a seat. (Great Father's Day gift!)

 April 25th- Roland Merullo at Stoneham Library, 7pm. Roland will be talking about growing up in Revere, MA.

April 18th - Julia Glass at Stoneham Library, 7pm.

Monday, October 29th - Louise Miller and her new book The Late Bloomers Club at Stoneham Library, 7 pm. Louise was a huge hit with her last book The City Baker's Guide to Country Living, so you won't want to miss this one!​​

​July 19th, 7p.m. - Stoneham Author Ben Jacques, In Graves Unmarked; Slavery and Abolition in Stoneham Massachusetts. Ben offers and informative, eye-opening trip into the buried history of slavery in Stoneham. Please visit our Facebook event and let us know you'll be attending.

June 16th, 2018

The Book Oasis has just won the "We Love Bookstores" prize from Sisters in Crime! Local mystery author Edith Maxwell will hold a meet & greet about her writing and the road to getting published on June 16th at 11 am.

January 23rd 2018- At Tewksbury Library, 7pm. Spy Schools: How the CIA, FBI, and Foreign Intelligence Secretly Exploit America's Universities, by Daniel Golden. A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist exposes how academia has become the center of foreign and domestic espionage--and why that is troubling news for the nation's security. We will provide books for purchase and signing.

​November 2nd - At Tewksbury Library, 7pm. The Palatine Wreck; The Legend of the New England Ghost Ship, by Jill Farinelli. Two days after Christmas in 1738, a British merchant ship traveling from Rotterdam to Philadelphia grounded in a blizzard on the northern tip of Block Island, twelve miles off the Rhode Island coast. The ship carried emigrants from the Palatinate and its neighboring territories in what is now southwest Germany. The 105 passengers and crew on board--sick, frozen, and starving--were all that remained of the 340 men, women, and children who had left their homeland the previous spring. They now found themselves castaways, on the verge of death, and at the mercy of a community of strangers whose language they did not speak. We will provide books for purchase and signing.

October 28th (Saturday) - The Golden Age of Boston Television by Terry Ann Knopf. There are some two hundred TV markets in the country, but only one--Boston, Massachusetts--hosted a Golden Age of local programming. In this lively insider account, Terry Ann Knopf chronicles the development of Boston television, from its origins in the 1970s through its decline in the early 1990s. During TV's heyday, not only was Boston the nation's leader in locally produced news, programming, and public affairs, but it also became a model for other local stations around the country. Tewksbury Library, 2pm, reservations recommended. (978) 640-4490

October 17th - Stephen Puleo at Tewksbury Public Library, 7pm to discuss is latest book American Treasures; The Secret Efforts to Save the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address. Couldn't be more important in today's political climate.