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The Book Oasis is proud to be the North American partner for Sherlock and Me, the home of the first personalized, interactive, you choose-style mystery for readers in grades 3-6 (age 8 to 11). Your child stars in this funny, personalized mystery that takes place in their school.

Why is this a great book for reluctant readers or anyone with a ticklish funny bone?
♥ Kids love reading about themselves, especially as the hero at their school.
♥ Kids love a story that takes place in a familiar setting with a familiar character.
♥ Kids love the humor in the book.
♥ After deciding where to go and what to do, kids have a vested interest in the ending.

In the E-Book format the reading is level-adjustable and there are additional interactive adventures in the illustrations, including hidden-picture puzzles.

Written for ages 8-11, the e-book has a switch to make it an ages 5-7 "read-it-to-me" book, removing some of the deductive reasoning that is less enjoyable for the K-2 youngsters. The book is also available in a paperback version.