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Welcome to the "e-Book Oasis"

As the world changes, so must we. The Book Oasis partners with the ABA (American Booksellers Association) and KOBO to provide our customers with a fantastic e-book solution that supports us, your local indie bookstore, while offering the largest e-book library in the world.

* Start your e-reading adventure with Kobo and explore over 3.5 million eBooks
globally, including over 1 million free titles.

* Read Freely. At Kobo, your eBooks are yours to do with as you please. Read
them on any open device with free top-rated Kobo apps for smartphones,
tablets, and computers.

* Earn awards just for reading. Discover your reading style — unlock awards as
you read and share your Reading Life with your friends on Twitter and your
Facebook Timeline. Awards may lead to free books!

Buying your e-Books and supporting The Book Oasis is so easy!
1. Click on the 
affiliate link which will take you to the KOBO homepage, create your KOBO user ID. You should see Welcome Book Oasis Customers in the top left corner. If you don't create your ID through our affiliate link, we will not benefit from your purchases (this would be bad).

2. Download the KOBO app to your e-reader (sorry Kindle - you won't work here), iPad, iPhone, or Android device. And of course you can use your KOBO!

3. Login, search the 3 million title library (almost twice the size of Kindle's!), purchase your e-Books, start reading immediately (or after you get your coffee).

e-Book Oasis FAQs
Q. How does my e-Book purchase support The Book Oasis?
A. The Book Oasis receives a small percentage of the purchase price of your e-books if purchase from our affiliate link.

Q. I'm having problems creating my account or downloading e-Books, where can I get help?
A. Click here to go to the KOBO support page for 24/7 help on resolving these issues.

Q. Does The Book Oasis sell the KOBO e-readers?
A. Not at this time.

Q. What does KOBO mean?
A. KOBO is an internationally known Canadian eBook manufacturer. You might recognize them from Borders before they went out of business. Their deal with the ABA will allow them to re-enter the American eBook market with their new line of innovative e-readers. We've heard a Kobo is a Nigerian penny, it's also is an anagram of BOOK :-)

Q. Can I get my KOBO elsewhere and still buy e-Books from The Book Oasis?
A. Yes! Just click the affiliate link on our website ( affiliate link ), create your KOBO user account, sign in to your device with that user account, and start buying your e-Books from The Book Oasis.

Q. Can I return an e-Book?
A. Sorry, but all e-Book purchases are final sale.

Q. How is KOBO different from Kindle or Nook?
A. KOBO has over 1 million more titles available than Kindle or Nook. They also have a larger selection of international/foreign language titles available.